Brass Celebration- Concert

Byng St, Orange

11th Brass Celebration Concert

From 7.30 pm until 10.30 pm

At Orange Civic Theatre

Byng St, Orange

Orange Civic Theatre is the venue for the evening concert showcasing the brilliance of brass starting at 7.30pm

Tickets are available from Ticketek . Please pre-purchase to avoid delays on the night.

Information about what's happening Sunday can be found here

3 thoughts on “Brass Celebration- Concert

  1. Is it necessary to pre-book tickets for the concert at 7.30 in the Orange Civic Theatre?

    1. Tickets will be available for online for purchase 1 month before and 1 hour before the show at the box office.
      The event is becoming more popular every year, so if you would like to secure a seat in advance for piece of mind, feel free to do so.
      Tickets will be available at early 2018.

  2. Brass Celebration concert tickets are on sale now and selling fast!. Search and purchase on the Ticketek website or purchase personally or by phone at the Orange Civic Theatre

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